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 I'm obsessed with beauty, period. The one you see and the one you feel.

It's a beautiful thing when you have the power to boost somebody's confidence by coloring or cutting their hair.

My  hope for my clients that come see me is, that the physical change I  help them achieve produces a domino effect in their life and encourages  them to take care of themselves like we should all do; and in  consequence reflects in their everyday lives. SELF-CONFIDENCE IS  POWERFUL!!

With 10+ years of experience in hair. I love to keep up with the newest trends and fashion.

NYC and Vegas are two of my favorite training spots.

The  thing I love the most is when my clients sit in my chair and say "do  whatever you want, I TRUST YOU" They have no idea how much that means to  me.



 Hi, my name is Maria. I have a passion for hair and make up. I am a TNT  Agency certified make up artist. I have been in the beauty industry for 4  years. What I enjoy the most of my career is enhancing my guest beauty.  I love spending time with my guest and being able to be more than just a  styist but a friend. With that said I would like to meet new faces and  want to welcome you to sit in my chair 



 Hi,  my name is Ivette. My passion is make up. I'm a Chamak Beauty Academy  certified makeup artist. I have been in this industry for 6 years. The  thing I love the most about my career are to be able to build confidence  and make new friends.



Hi, my name is Amber. My current obsession is hair color!

I am currently training in new color and cut techniques.

I want to be the best stylist for every one of my guests!

What I love the most about my career is making every person I meet to feel great about themselves.

Good hair can make anyone feel like they can do anything!Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.




Hi,  my name is Kathy. My passion is continuing in getting educated on what I  love doing plus also getting to travel while doing it!!

I have 5+ years of experience in cutting and coloring.

I am a certified Design Mastery through Redken Exchange.

The  thing I love the most about my career is not only giving them the best  customize haircut or color but also to being able to hang out with all  my guests and create relationship with them.

My  goal for all my recent and future guests is to build a trust and have  the best experience that when you leave my chair you feel the best  INSIDE AND OUT!!


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